View a short lesson  

This is a very short lesson so that you can see how I teach my pupils. 
Heather has only had a couple of lessons before the recording of this video.

Piano Lessons

The goal in my music lessons is to cultivate a love for music-making, developing well-rounded musicians who can understand, play and enjoy a wide spectrum of music including Classical, Jazz, Rock and Pop.

While learning to play an instrument like the piano can be very challenging, my lessons are definitely friendly, enjoyable and fun! Even my own kids have discovered there is a whole exciting world away from the T.V. and games consoles!

I have seen my pupils progress from small children to University age, then continuing to enjoy their music into adulthood. They tell me of the wonderful sense of achievement when they master a new piece of music, or pass that exam!

I believe that music has no age barrier; you are never too young or too old to learn!

For pleasure

For pupils who would like to learn to play purely for the fun and pleasure of making your own music, I tailor all my lessons to suit individual pupils so that quick musical progress is made whilst the 'enjoyment' factor is kept in the foreground.


For pupil's who wish to study towards examinations, The Royal Schools of Music are an excellent route to go as they provide goals for pupils to work towards, and for this reason I teach both Classical and Jazz from Grades 1 - 8 from the ABRSM syllabus as well as music-theory exams.

Electronic keyboard

For people who would like to learn on electronic keyboard as an alternative to the piano, I am fully up to date on all the latest keyboard technology and customise my lessons to suit the particular requirements of these instruments. Very often my pupils who play keyboard move on to the piano at a later stage.

Teaching at your home

Because I teach in my pupils' homes, parents can be kept fully informed of their children's musical progress as well as enjoying the convenience which this service is able to provide. This also means that I can offer the added advantage of being able to offer advice as to your choice of instrument, tuning and maintenance as well as correct seating height and position.

My lessons normally last for one hour for adults and half an hour for children but I am happy to tailor the length of lessons to suit individual requirements. You can book me for a one-off, noobligation lesson so that you can decide if my professionalism, expertise and enthusiasm are what you are looking for in your search for the right music teacher.